Description of activities and choices farm

L’Aia is not a hotel in the countryside, but a real "farm", in the most classic of the term: an ancient, historic farmhouse in the countryside, that Anna, Massimiliano and Enea have decided to recover to create an agricultural system (and agritourism) that acts in total respect for the environment.

The farm has an area of about ten hectares used for the cultivation of cereals, vegetables and fruits, including an orchard of ancient tree species with medlar, quince, azzeruoli and ponciri. In addition, in the agritourism, Anna follows the ‘garden of simple’ with a significant collection of medicinal plants and an experimental Synergetic vegetable garden.

All agricultural production takes place, following the rhythm of the seasons, while respecting the environment and is done in a natural way without the use of chemicals (organic certification with ICEA no. C754 from October 2012), using crop rotation, intercropping of plants, biological pest control, mulching and macerated herbs such as methods of prevention and defense.

Since 2007 the company has supported the project "blooms in rural areas planted with cereals" by reintroducing the cornflowers, poppies and chamomile all along present in the wheat fields. In October 2012 has sown experimentally eleven ancient grains of wheat.

For the preservation and protection of the landscape, we adopted some agri-environment measures: we have recovered artifacts and fountains for surface irrigation, we keep of existing hedges and, adhering to measure 216, we have reintroduced native species that were disappearing (dogwood, hawthorn, blackthorn and elder).

Our product

Our products for sale are:
• organic cereals
• flour (wheat flour, whole or semi-integrated, corn, semi-integral flour of 11 ANCIENT GRAINS)
• fruit and vegetables in season
• herbs, medicinal and spontaneous of our countryside (mint, oregano, lemon balm, mallow, perilla, monks pepper, rosemary, lemon verbena,
  calamint, sage, lavender, etc.)
• herbal teas harvested by hand and dried slowly (chamomile flowers, chamomile and mallow, chamomile and mint and rosemary, mint and sage,
  mint and lemon balm, rosemary and sage, etc.)
• And much more...