The farm

The agritourism L’Aia is in Cassinetta Lugagnano, city close to Milan, at the confluence of two parks with the Naviglio Grande: the Lombard Park of the Ticino Valley and the South Agricultural Park in Milan.
The farm is set in a complex of buildings in the shortest called Cascina dei Piatti dating back to 1500-1700, part of the historic center of the country.
The farm has 4 charming rooms with shower and bathroom. It uses solar panels for water heating and photovoltaic panels for the production of energy.
All the facilities are accessible to persons with reduced mobility due to the absence of architectural barriers outside and inside the rooms
Given its location, you can use the farm as a base for excursions and cultural and historical walks. Also, since along the "Naviglio Gande" running paths connected with the Via Francigena and a big bike path, for the travelers (pilgrims on their way) and cyclists, we practice a discount on overnight.

On our land, with ancient fountains, grow cereals, fruit and vegetables following the principles of organic agriculture certified by ICEA. The owner, Anna, fond of plants, has given life to a garden of medicinal plants and an orchard with old varieties of fruit.

L'agriturismo l'Aia fa parte del Consorzio agrituristico Terre d’Acqua, delle Fattorie didattiche della Regione Lombardia, delle fattorie del Panda (WWF), un Punto Info del Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino ed inoltre, dal 2007 fa parte delle locande d’Italia di Slow Food.

We offer: educational workshops for schools, groups or families, guided tours of seasonal herbs and fruits; children's activities and creative workshops; educational observations of the little courtyard animals. We make direct sales of flour, fruits, vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants, all of our production strictly biological.


The agritourism is located in a building with several palaces called “Cascina dei Piatti”' from the name of the first owners of 1500. Is one of the 4 ancient settlements that formed the present territory of the city of Cassinetta di Lugagnano. L’Aia is part of the historic center of the village and the surrounding area is particularly rich in villas and palaces built as a tourist resort in 1700.

It was owned by the family of Milan Negri, of which Gaetano Negri (1838 - 1902) Third Mayor of Milan (1884-1889), whose heirs in 1966 sells land and farm buildings on our family already tenant since 1927.


HISTORICAL STAGES - ART: Morimondo with the famous monastery; Abbiategrasso the convent of the Annunciation, the Visconti Castle and the portico of S. Mary, the castle and the Piazza Ducale in Vigevano, eighteenth-century villas and mansions in Cassinetta Lugagnano and Robecco, the museum's photo "Naviglio" in Robecco, the square of Boffalora, Bernate Ticino (in whose circle until recently it was could still taste the fried fish and frogs, typical of the area) with the Celtic calendar, the square of Tornavento to Lonate Pozzolo city.

STAGES OF NATURE: the woods and the park of Ticino, the wildlife observatory at Lanca of Bernate, the towpath of the Naviglio Grande, the LIPU’s wildlife rehabilitation center, the ring of butterflies at Gambolò, Bereguardo with the bridge of boats, the hollow on the Naviglio from Abbiategrasso to Morimondo, the oasis of the WWF near Vanzago.